We welcome questions…. But for the most frequently asked questions we have our answers prepared. 

What is the best way for me to submit the artwork?

If possible, email us the artwork as a vector file (adobe illustrator.eps). Preferably to actual scale (1:1), made up in pantone colors and all fonts converted to letter outlines.

You can also simply send us photoshop.psd. Please do so at 600 dpi actual size (max 40 x 50 cm) in RGB. If you are using multiple colors, then please keep them in separate layers (per color). And do not send via email, but via wetransfer.com.

For detailed artwork delivery specifications and vector artwork checklist, click on the link below.

Can I supply items myself?


You are supposed to order your materials from us: we know those products and we can guarantee the quality of the goods we offer. So no delivered goods. In special cases we can make an exception; but always in consultation.


What is the minimum quantity?

Our minimum quantity for screen-printing, embroidery and our other techniques is 15 pieces. We occasionally make an exception for our regular customers.

Do you have a showroom?

We have a showroom where you can see our T-shirts, sweaters and printing quality for yourself. Unfortunately we do not have every item in every color and size. But you can always order a sample package, if we cannot work it out in the showroom. Let us know in advance when you would like to drop by, though. 

Prepare well for an appointment in our showroom; It is nice if many questions can be addressed in advance by email. The time in the showroom can then be used efficiently.

What is your delivery time?

Our standard delivery time is between 2 to 3 weeks. These delivery times allow us to deliver the best results, for the prices we offer. When production allows, we gladly make room for rush jobs. But always after consultation.

What are your payment terms and conditions?

Our payment condition is 'on order'. You will usually receive the invoice 2-3 days after placing the order, for which we would like to receive payment. On request you can also pay 'on delivery'. This means that you can, for example, pay by debitcard in our showroom when you pick it up (we don't accept credit cards).

We also accept Bitcoin payments. Please indicate in advance when you want to use this. We will then send a Bitcoin payment link with the invoice.

Some customers, with whom we have a long-standing partnership, or with whom we follow a separate route in terms of invoicing (e.g. with POs and separate invoicing systems), have made other agreements with us. Over time, that is perfectly acceptable. But it is often nice that payment has already been arranged. And ultimately we also offer the service you can rely on for a well-delivered product; or for a neat and smooth solution, if something unexpectedly happened differently than was agreed separately.

Fun questions
  • Can I have a tank top printed on the left sleeve? I need it yesterday. Can you do that for me?