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Embroidery is a highly sustainable technique for presenting your design or company logo in a unique way. It can give your clothing just that tad more sophisticated look. Your design can be applied highly accurately and detailed and will be long-lasting. The possibilities are endless. A decorative embroidery on a bath towel, your logo on a polo shirt, sweater or jacket, a high-build embroidery on a snapback cap. It is all possible.

Textiles suitable for embroidery

Most regular clothing items are suitable for embroidery, because they can be easily hooped. It is mainly the possibility to hoop the fabric that determines whether or not embroidery is possible. You can imagine perhaps, that on a backpack or golf bag not all positions can be embroidered.

Furthermore thin textiles, such as T-shirts, are more vulnerable for embroidery. The embroidery can start to ‘pull’ or damage the fabric. Different designs are more, or less susceptible to this. So do not be deterred; we will of course always advise you on this.

Whether your design is suitable for embroidery is determined, in short, by the following factors:

  • the size and therefore details of the design
  • the fabric of the product
  • the positioning of the embroidery on the fabric


Prices for embroidery

To make the embroidery, we first make an embroidery program out of your design. The design is translated into a specific embroidery stitch. In consultation with you we decide which color of thread to use; we will look for the right embroidery thread to match the pantone colors you submit to us, or you can choose a color from our color charts together with us.

The costs for developing an embroidery program are €65.- per logo. This is a one-off fee per logo. When you come back to us later with a new assignment to embroider this same logo again, you will only pay €35.- set-up costs (all prices are excluding VAT). 

The price of the embroidery per item is based on the size, the number of stitches and the number of items you buy. We will embroider quantities of 15 pieces or more.

It is not relevant to the embroidery whether your logo consists of 1 color or 6 colors; it is important that the logo is not too small. Depending on the desired design, it is possible that certain details will disappear or need to be simplified. Sometimes a slightly larger size is the solution. If you want to know whether your logo is suitable for embroidery, then send it to us, telling us the required size.

Extras are also available for embroidery: for 3D embroidery (or high-build as we also call it) you pay a surcharge. Using your design we will determine whether the design is suitable for this.

Do you want to know whether your design is suitable for embroidery? Go ahead and contact us or request a quote.

You can also make an appointment with us to visit our showroom. We take great pleasure in showing you examples of our products, so that you can actually feel them or even try them on.  Together we can decide what best matches your wishes and needs.