What do the stars mean?

Because not everyone is looking for the same quality, we have developed our own star system.

  • 1 star > you are looking for a piece of clothing for promotional use;
  • 2 stars > you are looking for a nice quality T-shirt or sweater with a good fit and still affordable;
  • 3 stars > you are looking for the highest segment: fashionable, excellent fit, high quality and special;
  •  value > best price/quality ratio within the low segment.

In combination with a simple filter, you now have a tool to make the right choice super fast. So that regret afterward can be kept to a minimum.

Printing pants

Printing onto pants offers many possibilities. This can be done in various ways. You have the choice of different fabrics, colours and techniques. Printng pants can be done through screen-printing, transfer-printing, embroidery, digital printing and sublimation. More Color has a range of various brands of pants.


Een broek zeefdrukken is zeker een optie. Maar het soort materiaal of de positie van de bedrukking, kan een drempel zijn om gebruik te maken van een direct bedrukking. Als dat zo is, bespreken we dat met u en zullen we alternatieve opties aanbieden. Om te kunnen zeefdrukken, moet de broek of de broekspijp over een plank geschoven kunnen worden. Het materiaal moet geschikt zijn voor de inkt. In sommige gevallen zullen we manueel moeten drukken (met de hand, dus minder automatisch, wat het proces iets bewerkelijker maakt). Soms kiezen we voor een transfer of borduring als alternatief. Zeefdrukken kan al bij een bij een minimale oplage van 10 stuks.


Transfer-printing is perfectly suited to printing onto pants. Whether it be sports gear like shorts, workout leggings or track pants, or whether it be onto more sturdy textiles like work wear. There is always a type of transfer for the specific use and for the logo that you wish to have printed. Transfers can be done from a minimum of 5 pieces.


The embroidery of pants is a frequently chosen option. Especially where work wear is concerned, because that needs to be able to be used intensively. It is a durable and therefore sustainable choice. It is obviously a great look to have your staff going around in pants feauturing your logo. The position of the embroidery must be able to be ringed. On work pants it can take a while to find the right position. We will always discuss the practical possibilities with you. Quantities of 12 pieces or more.


Finally there is the option of sublimation for pants. The print is printed onto special sublimation paper. Subsequently the print is pressed onto the fabric. A pair of pants can only be sublimated if it is made from 100% white polyester. That makes it a highly specific choice! Sublimation is possible from a minimum quantity of 5 pieces.