Printing jackets

Jackets come in so many varieties that the choice can sometimes feel overwhelming. But luckily you, the customer, usually know exactly what it is you are looking for: a wind breaker, a warm winter jacket, a soft-shell jacket or a raincoat. There is a jacket for every occasion and so there is also one for you. The technique suited to the jacket depends on a number of factors. A jacket with a losse lining cannot always be screen-printed onto directly, but a transfer is often a good alternative there. Embroidery is almost always a good option. But keeping a sailing jacket waterproof with an embroidery is an issue to consider. As you can see, printing onto a jacket is not straightforward, but just as there is a jacket for every customer, there is a technique for every jacket. At More Color you will always find what you are looking for in our wide range and variety of brands that we offer.


An option for jackets without a loose lining and made from a suitable material is sreen-printing. Printing multiple colours onto jackets can sometimes be more difficult. If it is a problem, we will offer you an alternative technique. You can always rely on sound advice from us. Minimum quantity of 10 pieces.


often a good choice when it comes to jackets. Especially when they have a loose lining or are made from a specific fabric that requires a special type of transfer. We will find the best solution for you with the most sustainable result. Transfers onto jackets can be done from a minimum quantity of 5 pieces.


Embroidering jackets is a much-chosen option. It creates a wonderful look to have your staff going around in jackets prominently feauturing your logo. Or perhaps only subtly showing, depending on your own taste and preference. The position for the logo must be able to be ringed. For jackets that is generally not a problem. We will discuss the practical options with you. Minimum quantity of 12 pieces.