Would you like names or shirt numbers on your sports wear? Do you have aprons that you use in the hospitality industry and that end up in the hot wash? Do you want to have your logo applied to specific work wear, such as body warmers, work pants or other special fabrics? Transfer printing is often the right choice in these cases.

Almost all fabrics, from T-shirt to raincoat, are suitable for transferring. In some cases it can even be a more attractive and better solution to opt for transfers. It happens regularly that we advise customers who originally come in for screen-printing to choose transfers. Because sometimes that is the smartest choice, or because it produces a longer-lasting result. In some cases it can also be cheaper and therefore be a good alternative.

With transfer printing a design is printed onto a substrate or cut out of foil and subsequently pressed onto the fabric at a high temperature. As described above, there are many different situations in which transfers are used. And each situation requires a different application. The different applications we offer are explained below.

Flex transfers

For flex transfers we cut the design out of flexible foil per color, using a so-called ‘cutting plotter’. This principle is familiar to us all: shirt numbers and/or names on a football team’s jerseys are well-known applications.

  • Fine quality
  • Suitable for almost all positions and fabrics
  • Wide range of colors
  • Prices dependent on quantity, size and number of colors
  • Quantities of 15 pieces or more

Full-color flex transfers

With full-color flex transfers the image is printed onto flexible foil. The contours of the print are cut out and transferred to a substrate. This way you can transfer an image from a photo or a company logo with multiple colors onto fabric.

  • Fine quality
  • Suitable for almost all positions and fabrics
  • Prices dependent on quantity and size
  • Suitable for photos or multi-color designs
  • Quantities of 5 pieces or more

Textile transfers/ screen-printing transfers/ industrial transfers

In some circumstances it is crucial that the print on the textile can withstand highly intensive treatment: aprons that are put in the hot wash in the hospitality industry, for example. But sometimes work wear is also used intensively, or the fabric is not suitable to be screen-printed onto directly. Flex or full color transfers do not suffice in these cases. So then we use special textile transfers that are produced depending on the type of textile or the situation in which it will be used.

  • Superb quality
  • Type of transfer is adapted to the type of textile or application
  • Prices dependent on quantities and size
  • Suitable for all designs and applications.
  • Quantities of 25 pieces or more

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities and applications for transfers? Then please contact us or request a quote directly.

What you can also do, is make an appointment with us to visit our showroom. We take great pleasure in showing you examples of our products, so that you can actually feel them or even try them on. Together we can choose the option that best matches your wishes and needs.