Printing bags

An event is not an event until you have tote bags to hand out. And in these times of environmental awareness and sustainability, re-usable shoppers are a great alternative for the plastic bag. There are also numerous options for having your logo on rucksacks, laptop bags, sports bags or any other kind of bag. Depending on the fabric of the bag we will choose the appropriate technique. The size of the bag is also important. And the position where you want your logo. A cotton tote bag or shopper is suitable for screen-printing or digital printing. On rucksacks or other large bag embroidery or a transfer usually work best. We are happy to help you make the right choice. Our range offers many possibilities.


An unlined bag that can be pulled over a screen-printing board (like we do with T-shirts and sweaters) and consists (largely) of cotton, is suitable for screen-printing. We often supply these bags printed on one or both sides. A highly suitable application with countless options. Quantities of 10 pieces or more.  


For small numbers or when a bag has to be printed in a specific area that cannot be screen printed. The fabric of the bag must be heat-resistant for a transfer to be able to be pressed onto it. Transfer printing is possible from 5 pieces.

Digitaal printen

You can print a digital print only on 100% cotton bags. Just like with T-shirts, the bag should also be able to be slid over a shelf and must not have edges that would prevent the print head. A totebag is therefore very suitable. We choose digital printing with full color images or photos and when screen printing is not a suitable alternative. The minimum edition is 10 pieces.


We regularly provide laptop bags with embroidery, or a sports bag or backpack is embroidered with a nice logo. The requirement is that the place where the embroidery should be placed can be adjusted. Neither should there be any hard linings or thick seams on which the embroidery needles break off. We therefore always look into the practical possibilities in consultation with you. Edition from 12 pieces.