Ninetyfour was born from friendship in 1994. The minimalist brand addresses both the contrast and the chemistry between these different worlds. The strong personality of the global street and city life inspires Ninetyfour. Here cultures meet and contrasts and crossovers between different styles are formed.

We came from nothing. Especially during that first period More Color was a great help to us with their proactive thinking and contribution of ideas. This helped us make the right choices early on and we enjoy the benefits of that still today.

Geronimo Tuhumena - Ninetyfour Label

When Geronimo and Kin-Ho set up their label, they had a clear vision of where they were headed. It was always a good collaboration from both sides. They had a special eye for T-shirts, caps and sweaters from our product range that most labels disregarded. But after their launch it was those specific items that were in high demand and they dominated the fashion scene. They took over where our work stopped. We would, for example, embroider the caps. Then these guys would start customizing and distressing them with latex and wire brushes in their studio. Ninetyfour has developed into a full-grown retail brand and now produces the greater part of their collection entirely custom-made within Europe. You can find their products in shops all over the world now. A result the gentlemen worked hard to achieve.

The secret to Ninetyfour Label’s success... "In addition to Ninetyfour always striving for the best fabrics, fit and finishing available, social media have influenced our brand in many ways. We place new products on Instagram and Facebook every day. It is also a network where young people share their interests. When customers see someone else wearing Ninetyfour, they feel connected and even strike up a conversation with each other. Each day is a new challenge and experience in how we learn more about fashion. We are very pleased with More Color, who always understood without much explanation what we stand for."

  • 3D embroidery on sweaters 200 caps sold within a day Long queues in front of their first popup shop