Printing caps

Caps are here to stay. The developments in sorts of caps follow each other in high succession: will you go for a snapback (with a straight flap) or a baseball cap (with a round flap). Do you want 5 or 6 panels? A closed back or an adjustable strip? A fastening like on a dad cap? Or are you actually looking for a mesh cap, a.k.a. a trucker cap? The possibilities are endless. And that is only caps we are talking about. But bucket hats and beanies are also often-chosen items. browse through our extensive assortment and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.


Embroidering caps and beanies is almost a daily activity for us. It is the most frequently chosen technique for caps and beanies; a popular, highly suitable and versatile choice. Almost any design is suitable; you can vary colours endlessly. A high build (or 3D) application is also an option. If your design is suitable. An embroidery on cap or a beanie, rarely disappoints. We embroider from a minimum quantity of 12 pieces.


Sometimes a logo is not well-suited to embroidery. Or you want a small quantity or a one-off piece, making the start-up costs for an embroidery program an issue. Transfer-printing could be a good alternative; depending on the fabric of the cap, the design to be printed onto it and the quantity you wish to achieve. Transfer-printing is available from a minimum of 5 pieces.


This technique is an option for white textiles made from 100% polyester or thereabouts. Some trucker caps have a polyester front and on white trucker caps that makes it possible to apply a sublimation transfer to it. When this is possible, we will advise you.