You can also opt for sublimation printing. When you choose sublimation, we will print your design onto special sublimation paper and subsequently press that onto your fabric like a transfer. The best result is achieved on light-colored fabrics made up of 100% polyester. White sports wear is extremely suitable for sublimation printing.

How does sublimation printing work?

In sublimation printing the ink merges with the fabric: the ink is not pressed onto the fabric, but is incorporated into the fiber of the textile. Because we can apply this technique onto large surfaces, it is possible to give textiles a so-called 'All-over' print. We can also sublimation print loose pieces of fabric for you. These pieces of fabric can be a maximum of 80x 80 cm in size. And, here again, as far as we are concerned, the fabric should ideally be 100% polyester. 

Not 100% polyester?

Any hybrid forms of textile (e.g. a mix of cotton and polyester) can, by the way, be sublimated. There are, for example, polycotton T-shirts, that are popular for their wearing comfort and the fact that they (through the combination with polyester) retain their shape. But because in sublimation printing the ink fixates best on the polyester fibers and less well on the cotton fibers, the print will become less 'bright'. That does not necessarily have to be a problem. It may just be the effect you are looking for. But it is something you need to be aware of. And we will always advise you on that, of course.

Other considerations with sublimation printing

For the ‘all-over’ sublimation printing of a T-shirt, the T-shirt is laid out flat on a plateau. The ‘sublimation transfer’ is then placed on top and covers the entire shirt (or the part selected). The print is then pressed onto the fabric. The effect of that is that irregularities can occur around the neckline, the sleeve ends and the hem of the shirt (because these parts are not as flat as the rest of the shirt). And on the seams of the sleeves there will also be folds that will remain unprinted.

Prices for sublimation printing

The price of sublimation printing is dependent on the quantity and the size chosen. ‘All-over’ prints will always be discussed with you first, so your expectations will correspond with the practical result. Small transfers are highly suitable for white sports wear, such as cycling jerseys or running gear.

Would you like to find out whether sublimation printing is an option is for you? Then ask us for a quote. If you require more information, then feel free to contact us. No strings attached.