Printing tanktops

When it comes to printing options tanktops are similar to T-shirts. That makes them equally suitable for printing logos, images, texts, etc.
Whether it is screen-printing, transfer-printing or digital printing, or sublimation or embroidery: there is always a technique to match your wishes. The wide range of different brands, makes it possible for you to choose the ideal tanktop.


Screen-printing onto a tanktop works excellently. It is the fastest and most durable technique for printing your design. Suitable for practically every kind of textile and for images in a maximum of 8 colors. And at a minimum quantity of only 10 pieces. 


A transfer onto a tanktop is also a very good option: particularly when you want to personalize your tanktop with a name or number on the back. So do not limit yourself to the regular, cotton tanktops; there are also tanktops in sports wear fabrics. Basketball strips are an excellent example. From a miniumum quantity of 5 pieces you can have them tranfer-printed . 

Digital printing

Your design printed directly onto a tanktop: it can be done with digital printing. The best result is achieved on cotton. It can be done on both dark and light tanktops, depending on the design. Full-color images and photos are highly suited to this technique. The minimum quantity is 10 pieces. 


Sublimation of your logo on a tanktop: we make a sublimation transfer from your design. The ink is incorporated into the fibres rather than printed onto them, by using presses. The best effect is created on white tanktops made from 100% polyester. That means sports wear. The result is a clear print. The minimum quantity for this technique is 5 pieces. Would you like more information on sublimation? Read more about it.


Finally you could choose to have a tanktop embroidered: for a smart and excuisite effect. But not every design is suited to embroidery onto the thin fabric of a tanktop. Therefore we will gladly advise you during the decision-making process.