The Gay Pride in Amsterdam is a very special event. If you want to go prepared to the Gay Pride you have to wear this special Gay Pride shirt. We have a nice discount special on the Pride shirts.

The Discount

More Color offers a discount for Stanley/Stella creator shirts in rainbow colors with the text "Pride" printed on it! In July 2019 you can buy the creator shirts for only €6.95. You don’t have to pay the boot up costs. You have to buy at least 25 shirts in order to gain the discount.

The Shirts

You have the choice out of Stanley/Stella unisex creator shirts in rainbow colors. This 100% biologic and organic shirts cotton shirts are special made for the pride. You can choose one of these colors:

  • Bright red
  • Bright orange
  • Golden yellow
  • Fresh green
  • Royal blue
  • Plum